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Let's protect the environment with 3WM

Friends of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, at this meeting I will review a new project based on the blockchain technology named 3WM.

3WM stands for Water is life, Waste to energy, Mobility.

A platform based on blockchain technology that is a global industry platform dedicated to protecting and improving living conditions.

Here is the advantage of the 3WM platform offered to users.

  1. Create a word 1st plant network of waste&plastick to bioenergies.
  2. Now waste&plastic waste have value.
  3. Reward people for waste.
  4. Develop innovative eco-technologies of the future.
  5. Create a word network of 10 Eco Tech Centers.
  • A global network of 55 waste&plastic-to-bionergy plants.
  • 7100 tonnes/day of waste&plastic will br changed into bioenergy.
  • 10000 direct and indirect jobs will br created.
  • 10 a global netwotk of 10 Echo Tech Centers.
  • 200 new first level eco-technologies.

Team members 3wm

1. Andre spathelf|CEO 
2. Nabil el aichaoui|COO-CIO
3. Gabriel J.Pena|International business delevopment managaer.
4. Christian gauthier|Mobility manager

5. Elisabeth spathelf|Public relations manager
6. Marin muller|Business manager
7. Hans-eberhardt frenze|medical waste manager
8. Erich grover|Technology manager

Investors&founders 3wm

1. Peter ammann|Co-founder

2. Gerrad rish|Co-founder

3. Paul strub|investor

4. Remy ozcan|blockchain expert

5. Christophe azcan|blockchain expert

6. Frederic rohmer|renewable energy expert

7. Arnaud stoeltzlen|renewable energy expert

8. Arnaud courouble|marine enviroment expert

9. Klaus gommel|circular economy expert

10. Lucirene rocha de abreu|south America business expert

11. Hikmet dagci|EURASIA business expert

12. Nathalie kesler oh so yun|NGO&institutional relationship manager

13. Mounir mougin|renewable energy expert


  • 24% ecolnnavition program
  • 2% partners
  • 2% airdrop&bounty
  • 4% private investors
  • 4% team&advisors
  • 10% pre-ico
  • 54% Ico


  • 15% marketing&business development
  • 3% legal&accounting
  • 22% 3wm eco innovation program
  • 15% R&D
  • 32% plants&ETIC network
  • 4% 3wm platfrom
  • 9% platfrom


Official website and social media site platform 3WM

Thus this article about the 3WM project continues to follow the latest news about this platform and hopefully the project is successful in the future.
Thank you.

By: Sukmo
Eth: 0xc3794513F91934250A4EaFA1F2A61c2976728898

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