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Monday, February 10, 2020

Cartesi, a complete solution in the blockchain world

Hallo friends Sucripto, in this post and solution this time I will introduce about you about Cartesi.

What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is an off-chain decentralized computing platform. In addition, Cartesi is A Linux Infrastructure for Scalable DApps. A little review of the history about Blockchain was originally designed to reach consensus through full redundancy, replicating storage and rerreing calculations across all nodes in their network. In this case it generates an environment that cannot be changed. Real-world calculations and massive data about the blockchain are impractical or even impossible. As we can expect from the theory (and actually verify it in practice!). And the solution is Cartesi itself.

What is Dapps?. Dapps is a scalable Blockchains allowing a set of applications in decentralization.

How does Cartesi work?

Blockchain does not support the mainstream calculations we have received on our computers and devices. Usually this calculation consists of billions or trillions of steps and involves a large amount of data. Processing and data exceed the amount of compute throughput capacity of the blockchain. We've also seen many on-chain scaling solutions that come up, but no one has achieved significant and convincing results so far.

With Cartesi, we can have a typical real-world computing that runs off-chain on a Linux environment (as often they do!), in a way that can be verified by the blockchain. DApp users can reach the off-chain consensus and if there is a fraudulent calculation attempt, Cartesi uses the blockchain as the Supreme Court, identifying and punishing the dishonest parties. In rare cases when this dispute resolution arises, the blockchain executes an interactive dispute resolution and is left running one step of the original calculation with the amount of data that can be ignored (we use the implementation Game verification, like Truebit). It happens with negligible costs for the blockchain. BTW, compared to some of the well-known Layer-2 solutions, Cartesi doesn't require parties to stay online any time to participate. Therefore, the

Finally, network Cartesi and Cartesi tokens use incentives and economic services that allow users to participate in the DApps in a safe and convenient way. Further details will be released in the future.

Advantages & Cartesi Benefits

  • Cartesi offers a Linux runtime environment for D-blockchain. Complex computing runs outside the chain while maintaining a strong security assurance from the underlying blockchain.
  • Computing can be verified by all parties involved in the application. Disputes are resolved automatically by Cartesi. This requires negligible calculations within the blockchain, regardless of the size of the external calculation.
  • Developers use the widely known and powerful software components supported by Linux to create their DApps. They are free from the hassle of a domain-specific blockchain limited environment. Mainstream developers can fully express themselves building applications with a pile of software they already know. Cartesi DApps will be portable across the most relevant blockchain, so developers need not worry about the longevity of certain blockchain projects.

Other advantages of his Cartesi

1. AI efficient, by AI.

Untrustworthy market for AI tasks and computing. With the power of decentralized automatic verification of Cartesi, developers will be able to create a service that allows new DApps to outsource and distribute the work. It opens new possibilities for AI at a lower cost, developed by experts and outsourcing bots.

2. Really have your Game.

Cartesi will unleash the vast new possibilities for blockchain games. Developers will be able to use tools, compilable libraries for Linux. In addition, game state processing will be free from the limits of blockchains computing without sacrificing decentralization.

3. Find the unknown.

The outsourcing calculations will allow millions of users to lend their idle computing power. It will benefit scientific research, 3d rendering, video transcoding, and many other computer-intensive tasks in a completely untrustworthy way, without a reputation system.

4. Financial. Next level.

The Cartesi application will be able to read and perform complex calculations involving data from various blockchain and external sources. This will help interoperability between blockchains and services such as futures and insurance markets.

The achievement of Cartesi

The Team Cartesi

Below are some reliable Cartesi teams.

  • Erick de Moura - Chief Executive Officer
  • Augusto Teixeira, PhD - Chief Scientific Officer
  • Diego Nehab, PhD - Chief Technology Officer
  • Colin Steil - Chief Operating Officer
  • Danilo Tuler - Head of Engineering
  • Felipe Argento - Blockchain Engineer
  • Carlo Fragni - Software Engineer
  • Victor Fusco - Senior Software Engineer
  • Stephen Chen - Software Engineer
  • Fabiana Cecin, PhD - Software Engineer
  • Serguei Popov, PhD - Senior AdvisorCo-Founder of IOTA
  • Stas Oskin - Senior AdvisorCore Dev & Bus Dev of
  • Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, PhD - Co-creator of Lua
  • programming language
  • William Bao Bean - General Partner at SOSVManaging Director at ChinacceleratorManaging Director at MOX
  • Boris Povod - Co-founder of WingsCo-founder of Cripti
  • Michael Hwang - Managing Director, Big Bang AngelsBoard Member, Across Asia Alliance


 That's what I can comment for you who will join soon. And wait for more and for more info:
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