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Great opportunity for students with BitJob

Globally, students have concerns about the work mainly of post graduation school. But in today's digital era, especially in the world of crycptocurrency lots of business opportunities which can be make by students to make it work for them. On this occasion I will introduce a blockchain-based project to provide a solution for students to solve the problem. The project is named Bitjob.

What is BitJob ?

Bitjob is a market that is decentralized to the ecological system of learning for students globally by using blockchain to create new channels of revenue, new jobs, and new business opportunities.

What is the vision of Bitjob ?

Of the various issues regarding a job opportunity for students is very little in terms of business professional. So from that BitJob solve the problem by giving great opportunities to the students of post graduation and enhance their skills to build a professional business and not related to their field of study or experience.

This vision has led the team backed by dozens of academic institutes & thousands of supporters around the globe, to run a successful Crowed-funding Campaign (ICO), enabling the firm to develop the platform and expand the global movement. And you need to know that The bitJob project has raised $3 m at September of 2017.

The Benefits Of StudentMarketPlace Bitjob

BitJob very useful especially on students because in addition to gain experience and work, Bitjob also provides an opportunity to provide direct payments over the ability of the students of the professional supervisor to add insight and their skills.

STU Ecosystem

STU Ecosystem is the Token that is based upon student Ethereum Blockchain and used for Gifts in payment & application bitJob. STU token can be obtained on the platform or purchased at the stock exchange.

STU in use by Bitjob to empower students worldwide with blockchain technology. And all are in the ecosystem of network-based blockchain, compensation, rewards, and incentives from bitJob.



bitjob was founded in early 2016 by three childhood friends that care. The idea behind bitJob emerged when the executives were university students. Like many students, they were struggling to find sufficient time during their studies to earn a significant income.


For the past several months, the company has done investigative market research about student's lifestyle in several central countries around the globe.This research contributed to building the business module and the ecosystem that is based on STU tokens.

Whitepaper & site

After five months of hard work, we have created some professional and technical documents. These led us to come up with our new website and our new design that best represents our global bitjob dream.

Pre-sale and Auncements

On July 2017, we announced our first coins sell (the STU tokens) as part of our vision to expand our gospel in the global student market. The pre-sale event took place on the second of August. At that time, we also took part in several major conferences in the crypto world around Europe.

ICO Crowdsale

Backed by dozens of academic institutes & thousands of supporters around the globe, the bitJob team ran a successful Crowd-Funding Campaign (ICO), enabling the firm to develop the platform and expand the global movement. The bitJob project has raised $3M at September of 2017.

Distribursement & Exchange Listings

After our successful selling event on 25 October 2017, our development team made a huge effort to be a part of a significant trading market platform. We are still continuing to distribute our tokens in more interior exchange platforms that trade the STU side by side to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Alpha Testing

During November 2017, the company launched the POS version for the general public which indicated the practicability of the connection between students and employers. Throughout this process, hundreds of testers around the world have participated.

Revamped Brand and a New Website

We have created a new logo, new design and revamped pilot program that reflects our global BitJob objective.

Beta Public Release

During the first quarter, our development team is making a huge effort to do comprehensive checkups and programming the beta version. The next beta version has already 5000 participants that have registered

Open Platform to Developers

After releasing the beta version and finishing all the testing, we will release a unique version for the developers.

Viable Product Launch

During the third quarter, after getting feedback from the developers we will release our viable version.

Expanding our Product

We are planning to penetrate to new countries and we will work to expand our cooperation with leading companies.

Team Bitjob

So that you may know more about the Bitjob, below are a couple teams Bitjob that has the ability and professional excellence in the field.

BitJob Team :
  • Dror Medalion - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Aviad Gindi - CFO & Co-Founder
  • Elad Kofman - CMO & Co-Founder
  • Bogdan Fiedur - Co-Founder
  • Yarden Hiltch - Product Manager
  • Gabrielle Daniels - Head of Academic Engagement
  • Aaron Schwartz - Lead blockchain developer
  • Anton Livaja - Lead Full stack Developer
  • Micha Roon - Ethereum Developer
  • Alex Oberhauser - Blockchain Technologist
  • Leonard Jackson - Global Operations Manager
  • Suraj Tekwani - South-Asia Region Manager
  • Minho Kang - Korean Region Manager
  • Khaya Maloney - Africa Region Manager
  • Cyril Alvarez Adriaansen - Full stack Web Designer
  • Patrick Mockridge - Recruitment Strategist
  • Yoel Lapscher - bitJob Ambassador & Industrial Engineer
  • David Mirynech - bitJob Ambassador & Blockchain consultant
Advisory Board :
  • Anish Mohammed - Lead Security Architect, HSBC / Ripple Project
  • Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry - Professor of Finance & Director, UCLA
  • Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis - Cryptography Phd at UCL & CIIM Business School
  • Michael Terpin - CEO, Transform Group; Chairman, BitAnagels / USA
  • James Gonzalez - Public Relations & Marketing Adviser
  • Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz - Blockchain Legal Expert
  • Jason Cassidy - Media & Community Engagement Adviser
  • Alena Vranova - Business Adviser, Wallets specialist
  • Brennan Bennett - Blockchain System Informatics Mentor
  • Lior Shoham - Strategic storytelling. Charismatic people. Effective presentations
  • Liron Rose - 2x entrepreneur, an early stage investor and a Cryptocurrency & Blockchain enthusiast
You can see a full profile of the team bitjob here : https://bitjob.io/about/#about-s3

So I can tell them about BitJob, for the rest of the information you can visit the official website below.


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