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Let's invest intelligently in bitenny

Hi guys, friends lovers cryptocurrency. This time I will be introducing a new project in the world of cryptocurenncy by using blockchain-based technology called Bitenny.

What is a Bitenny?

Bitenny is a platform that is not in use for single-use. The point that is as comprehensive and extensive network that will offer support to the crypto movement will continue to grow up in the future.

Bitenny also uses a unique structure and ethos, by simplifying the market cryptocurrency, gives users the regular fiat currencies ability to make purchases and payments both online and offline.

The purpose of Bitenny

Bitenny aims to create a perfect experience for businesses that wish to accept payment, in addition to crypto. Bitenny also helps to lower the risk and anxiety of users who invest in crypto. Especially for merchants of brick-and-mortar.

What the benefits of Bitenny?

Bitenny is very useful for users, especially for traders. Because it's going to get a perfect experience when receiving payment from crypto API Bitenny equipped with full features, which are easily integrated into your online store and is available for free.

Moreover, traders also receive simple and effective support for crypto payments they need to thrive in the marketplace. In most cases, this will allow the retailer to plunge in the competition, reaching the comprehensive support payments before their competitors do.

Bitenny AI

AI is the key security and compliance architecture Bitenny and is a fraud detection Protocol is at the core of this investigation.

Ai, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

The team behind Bitenny is well versed in developing effective AI solutions and has over 20 years of experience in the field. Because of this, the developers are able to bring cutting edge concepts of AI, machine learning, and deep learning to market analysis and trading support, giving our users the very best advantages in this growing market.

Natural Language Components

Interaction between the user and Prally, and the user and other automated aspects of the network, will be handled by a smart chatbot. This chatbot will be based upon AI technology and will incorporate support for text2text, text2speech, speech2speech, and speech2text for effective two-way communication.

Fraud detection

AI is key to Bitenny's security and compliance architecture and sits at the heart its fraud detection protocols.

Both machine learning and deep learning will play a part in this, and we will apply a comprehensive array of industry standard scenarios, covering fraud detection on the transaction-level, suspicious account activity detection, and changes to payment frequency or profiles, as well as unusual activity between accounts.

Real-time automatic trading engine

B-RATE - the Bitenny Real-Time Automatic Trading Engine - is designed to give users the insight and the scope they need to execute winning trades in the market.

The engine is based on both rules and rule inference as well as deep learning concepts and neural networks. The result is a powerful tool which can predict the likelihood of specific future market scenarios.

Token Information

The BTNY token will have genuine value both in the real world sphere and online. This includes real fungibility across a range of transactions, and usage as a vehicle for payments relating to goods and services.

Learn more about BTNY below;

Utility token

Token Name ‘BTNY’ - an ERC20 token
Will be listed at crypto exchanges
Will be required to use some of the platform features

Token sale terms

Token price: 0.07 USD per BTNY
Hardcap:25 000 000 USD
Max tokens:1 000 000 000 BTNY

Unsold tokens will be burned

Token sale terms

Bonuses available
+5% bonus for purchasing > 100 ETH


2018 Q3
  • Secured seed funding of $600K
2018 Q4
  • Develop website
  • Development & Audit of token sale contracts
2019 Q1
  • Start MVP development
  • Whitepaper release
  • Community building
  • International token sales
2019 Q2
  • Continuing of development Bitenny platform
2019 Q3
  • Listing Token on exchanges
  • Release Bitenny trading
2019 Q4
  • Bitenny release of payment solution
2020 Q1
  • Release Prally digital assistant
  • Implementation of Prally voice queries and natural-language user interface
2020 Q2
  • Bitenny white label solution for partners

Tim dan Penasehat

Bitenny has a core team and a great Advisor as well as professionals in their field. among them are:

Core team:

Shahdad Kiyani

With a true passion for technology and innovation, Shahdad has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans the breadth and depth of many a field in the world of information technology. Effective leader and innovator with years of expertise and interest in Internet-Based Ventures, Digital Marketing, and Business Development.

Youssef Dikri

Youssef is a Financial professional with ten years’ experience in the Pricing domain. Working for one of the world's leading payment service provider has ensured the extensive knowledge about the payment landscape. His experience is concentrated on the total commercial scope within the e-commerce environment, from participating in global deals to customer relationship building and management.

Mahdad Kiyani

Mahdad has a diversified background including a proven international track record in digital transformation and innovation. Mahdad is a leader with a passion for leading high-growth technology businesses in B2B software, online services, IT, FinTech, networking, telecom, and internet security.

Nardie Scharenborg

Nardie is a seasoned operations manager and entrepreneur with a background Finance and IT, with a specialisation in AI. Nardie will run the Bitenny. With her leadership experience and passion for the development of new products and services, she will ensure the successful development and management of Bitenny.

Eray Deniz Turgut MSc

Eray is a motivated, goal-driven international finance professional with more than 13 years experience in various sectors. A strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of investment, operational and financial reporting. With this broad experience, he will lead the finance department and ensure a cost-effective operation and transparent financial reporting.

Silvano Soares

After studying computer science, Silvano has been working in software development for the past fifteen years with extra focus on end-user experience and innovation. As a result of additional training in Customer Experience and multichannel management, Silvano looks at solutions from multiple customer perspectives to achieve excellent results.

Advisors :

Vassilis Stathopoulos
Principle Technology Advisor

Gevik Babakhani
Blockchain R&D & Senior software engineer

Andrew Shishkin
Blockchain development, smart-contracts and trading solutions

Reno Gijsbers
Business developer
Anouar Driouech
UI/UX Visual Design
Annette Swart
Ex-Rabobank and interim banking

I think this article is quite clear about the information from Bitenny. For those of you who want to get more information, you can visit the official website below.


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