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Mycryptobank for community cryptocurrency

Welcome to our blog, the friend of the investor and trader cryptocurrency.

Talk about the latest developments in the digital world, for now the development is very fast and interesting for us to follow the development, especially the development of the cryptocurrency in the world that grow in this year.

Many of the projects that appear with any great vision and mission are very worthy we follow.

In this opportunity I will discuss a project named MyCryptoBank (MCB).

What is mycryptobank?

Mycryptobank is an online bank that allows each client registered to make a variety of additional operations, bank operations with crypto such as debit cards, payment processing and credit investments and others.
So mycryptobank is a platform of a multifunctional banking services are very good.

What is the purpose of mycrypto founded?

Mycrypto was established for several reasons:

1. Community crypto does not have a stable access to banking services, those who deal with cryptocurrency get in trouble with in unblocked by the banks and financial institutions.
2. Main factors that have been halting banking industry, traditional banks have high fees,long awaited transfers,territorial limitations and currency barriers
Therefore mycryptobank established to solve the problems above.

Mycryptobank will always be faithful to the crypto community and services related to cryptocurrency and blockchain with low-cost service, fast transfer, no currency restrictions and no limits on territory.

Mycryptobank also has a very nice ecosystem are
Mycryptobank also has a superior product that is a Multi-Digital Cards and Payment Rings.

Team and advisors MCB

Mycryptobank has a very strong team, whose members are already very experienced in their fields each.

The following profiles some of the people who were instrumental in the team mycryptobank.

Distribution of funds 

a. Distribution of tokens

  • 65% Distributed among the ICO participants
  • 10% Kept for the project team
  • 3% Allocated for development of the Bounty campaign
  • 7% Distributed among partners and experts
  • 15% Reserve fund

b. Distribution of the ICO funds
  • 30% Development and Integration of Blockchain Platform
  • 20% Marketing and Partner Network Development
  • 20% Obtaining banking licenses and maintaining the bank liquidity
  • 10% Development of crypto ATM network with fingerprint identification and face recognition function
  • 10% Development of innovative products
  • 10% Infrastructure development

More info please visit:

 My bitcointalk profile:

EOS Walett (EOS Name): sangpelangii

Thus the explanation a bit about the project MCB, I hope the project runs smoothly and successfully.

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